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Plastisol, also known as liquid PVC, is an ideal material to be used in the dip moulding process. This is largely because it is a flexible material which is soft to touch, making it particularly suited to the likes of petrol pump handles and chair armrests.

So, why use dip moulding for your plastisol products?

Dip moulding is a process that coats metal parts with polymers – it’s both a cost-effective and time-efficient process. Some of the advantages of using this process are….

1. It’s more cost effective than other processes – that’s because the moulds are single-sided and geometrically less complex than say, moulds made for injection moulding, so they’re faster to make.

2. It’s easier to create prototypes – Prototyping is also cost effective for this reason. Any changes to the mould are relatively easy and fast to make. All of this contributes to short delivery times to the customer.

3. It’s ideal for mass production – due to low production costs of the mould.

4. Moulds can be created in various colours and textures – finishes such as gloss and matt are available.

Have you considered using dip moulding for your plastisol products?

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