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At Polyblend, our aim is To find the right solution for you.

Quality control and ‘right first time’ has always been a high priority for us. That is why we always specify formulation requirements around the end users concept or product.

PolyBlend manufactures a polymer solution called Plastisol which is used as an intermediate raw material by our customers.

We formulate a broad range of PVC and Acrylic Plastisol’s that produce a flexible, tough, versatile, and highly stable product that can be formulated to provide a wide variety of physical properties and attributes.

The plastisol we manufacture is used across a wide range of specialist applications and markets including:

✔️ Flooring & Wallcoverings
✔️ Fabric Coating / Scrim Coating
✔️ Dip Moulding & Rotational Moulding
✔️ Glove & Sock Dotting
✔️ Coil Coating
✔️ Jig Coating
✔️ Caps & Closures
✔️ Automotive Filters

🦠 Polyblend has launched an antimicrobial PVC plastisol which offers valuable protection for polymer solutions. In these times of a need for much cleaner environments and further protection of touch-point products to the end user, we now have the capability to add further speciality to your products through incorporating antimicrobial and antiviral protection with our new certified PB-Protect range.

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