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Customers expect more than ever before. I’ve written about this in past articles, but it is worth repeating. Your customers no longer compare you just to your direct competition.                                                                You are being compared to the best service they have ever received – from any company or any person. It could be a supplier, a retail store, even an online seller – any business.

Customers now know what great customer service looks like, and they expect it from you.

So, what else do customers now expect?

Personal Service: It used to be that customers wanted a fast response to their questions or complaints. Now they want the experience to be personalised. They want to know their business or complaint is being personably handled, so they can know it is dealt with and can move on.

A recent survey i read found that 59% of customers said being treated as an individual was more important than how fast the issue was resolved (53%). The numbers are close, but the point is that customers want to be treated more than ever like people, not account numbers.

💡 Tip if you can deliver both speed and personalisation, you have a winning combination.

Are your customer expectations being met? Well, there is good news for those that can meet the customers’ ever-increasing expectations, and that is that customers are willing to pay for good service. I’ve been a firm believer since the beginning of my career that good service doesn’t cost. It pays.

💡 Tip Customers reward the companies they enjoy doing business with by return business.

No Repeats: When there is a problem, they only want to tell their story just one time. They are busy people and don’t want to waste time repeating it to multiple customer service agents. That personable service does now really count. Customers desire a consistent experience across any channel they deal with within your business. Customers expect no repeats, one answer and across multiple channels they may deal with.

💡 Tip Check your customer service process to determine if any repeats occur.

Customers Talk About You: Further good news is that the power of a good experience extends beyond the current customer. Eighty percent of customers will recommend a company to colleagues and external business contacts after a great customer experience. And 40% of those happy customers will now share their story on social media.

However, be prepared as there are consequences to pay if the experience does not meet customer expectations. Recent media data states that over 65% of customers say they would “actively dissuade” others from using a company that provided poor service, and 42% would share that negative story on social media.

💡 Tip If you haven’t fine-tuned your customer service efforts, and your customer facing media then, you could be facing a gloomy future.

What does this mean to B2B’s?

None of this information should surprise you. It is simply validation of the importance of delivering a customer service experience that your customers want and expect. Meet the expectations and reap the rewards of repeat business, referrals, and higher revenues.

📊 You are now being compared to the best service they have ever received, every transaction, every order, every day.

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