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Have you tried our colour match service?

PolyBlend provides a high-quality and efficient colour matching service to ensure the right match for your sample or your design solution. Our technical team are experts in colour matching samples that can provide your colour solutions. Our highly experienced and skilled technical team will analyse your problems and tailor colour solutions to meet your requirements.

Matching you to the right solution.

As the capability of colour technology increases, so too does the scope for raising colour and appearance standards, or for using colour data to improve product quality. PolyBlend’s collaborative approach to understanding the customer requirements such as by specifying the specific shade, strength and stabilisation needed to suit the application and its environment is key

We use specialist test equipment and industry expertise to ensure colour accuracy and consistency is achieved. Our colour matches are designed through a powerful and accurate colour matching software system linked in support to our Datacolor spectrophotometer. This industry-specific application optimises the quality of the formulation with superior first-shot matches to streamline all our colour process with one complete solution.

Visual colour assessment always forms within our colour process and is controlled through a VeriVide Limited digital light booth. The stability of our light sources gives excellent viewing conditions to make reliable colour critical decisions under standardised fluorescent and LED point of sales lighting.

At Polyblend we continue to invest in our high-quality colour management system and training of our technical team. All our products go through rigorous quality control inspections to get it right first time, every time – To this day, we pride ourselves in being the pioneering colour force behind developing and refining innovative solutions to ever changing colour and lighting standards to support both industrial and consumer markets.

If you want to find out more in how to bring your product’s colours to life and add value to your product range, then please contact for more information on how Polyblend may be of help!

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