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Before we look into the role of blowing agent dispersions, let’s first talk about what they actually are. Blowing agent dispersions are a reactive additive that release controlled levels of gases during the processing of thermoplastics. Chemical blowing Agents are a range of polymer additives designed to decompose during normal processing of that polymer at elevated temperatures (150ºc+).

How do they work?

Blowing agents are chemical materials, which decompose by heat and mechanical stress to produce blowing gases for dispersion, which can be trapped within the polymer melt, creating a cellular or foamed structure. By forming this structure, the initial benefit created is a reduction in specific gravity, i.e. weight

What are they used for?

Blowing agent dispersions are added to base solutions and plastisols for applications such as:

  • Reduced density (which enables weight reduction in finished product).
  • Improved heat and noise insulation
  • Improved impact absorption properties
  • Decorative and cushioned feel effect

Blowing agent dispersions at Polyblend

For Health & Safety reasons and dust free product handling, our range of blowing agent dispersions are blended using a series of liquid systems (known as carriers) – Phthalate and Non-Phthalate plasticisers, as well as speciality liquid bases. These dispersed blowing agents can be added directly into a vinyl plastisol. All of these benefits help to improve the working environment for the safe and effective use of these products.

The blowing agents we manufacture are Exothermic (heat releasing) blowing agents. These are relatively easy to produce but can be highly dangerous and, if mixed to generate a modest heat, can start an exothermic reaction which can be catastrophic. So, this is why health and safety is taken so seriously at PolyBlend and we operate to such stringent ISO standards – ISO 45001 (H&S) and IS4001 (Environmental) and Quality (ISO9001).

At Polyblend, we design, formulate and implement any bespoke blowing agent additive solutions to meet your needs. If you are interested, please reach out via email –

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