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Who knew that plastic could be a water-saver?

By reducing leakage in pipes and providing waterproof coatings, plastic plays a big role in conserving one of our most precious resources.

Why is high quality colour management important for sustainability? 

Management of the colour through the lifecycle requires streamlined processes, objective colour evaluation tools, and highly trained technicians to get colour right at the most critical stage of production.

Enabling a faster transition to more sustainable PVC solutions

We believe that PVC is an excellent material, provided that it is made in the right way. It is important that plastics companies do not just talk the green talk but walk the sustainable walk.

Product Design for a Plastics Circular Economy

Faced with changing consumer preferences and increasing calls to better manage global plastic consumption and waste, the entire plastics industry must come together and work to transition new ways of managing and optimising the use of this valuable material.

Managed waste streams for increased sustainability

As businesses seek ways to be more cost-efficient and streamline operational overheads, how can plastics become more sustainable?

Future sustainable technologies will depend on plastics.

Plastics are frequently demonised, often for the waste and pollution they can cause – but they have huge benefits that need to be fully understood.

The plastics industry is often the subject of criticism. What is needed for people to appreciate the material?

We must show that our daily lives are inconceivable without plastics and make it clear that plastics make a key contribution to a sustainable economy.

How will the Energy crisis affect your business and strategy?

A positive step in the right direction or a missed opportunity for energy resilience?

Plastics and Sustainability; a need for change.

In order for a product or material to be truly described as sustainable it must be environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. These aspects have become known as the Three Pillars of Sustainability.

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