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Colour management is what gives brands and customers the confidence required for efficient and timely production. However, we must be always mindful that ‘it’s the eye that buys’. 

Colour inaccuracy, particularly for brands and businesses, can be detrimental, as it’s often closely associated with a low quality product or service.

These days, the importance of colour management is recognised by nearly every industry. All sectors are preoccupied with the appearance of their products, where visual attractiveness and colour conformity are so important. 

Colour is the most immediately noticeable element of overall appearance and when provided with choice, consumers often opt for the products that – in their eyes – have the best appearance. In addition, in most manufacturing processes, colour is the most visible test of quality.

Demand is therefore strong for plastic materials to offer the latest colour trends. At Polyblend, colour management is probably the most important part of overall quality control. That’s why we use technologically advanced colour management tools that can take all of these requirements into account.


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