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Here at PolyBlend we specialise in the formulation and manufacture of innovative and sophisticated Polymer solutions called Plastisol’s. Utilising the latest technology, our aim is to find the right solution for you.

Plastisol is a very versatile material, offering a multitude of application and processing possibilities. You’d be surprised at just how many coating applications use plastisol…. From the sticky grips on the underside of socks, to the faux leather seat covers found in your car, PVC coatings play an important role in the modern world.

Why is this?

Despite PVC being a relatively inexpensive material to use for coatings, it also offers a variety of functional benefits, such as….

✔️ Non-slip qualities, making it an ideal material for specialist flooring, glove and sock grips, as well as handle grips for tools.

✔️ High durability, which means it’s a standard for applications such as flooring and automotive interior trim.

✔️ Water resistance, this makes it the optimal material to coat certain fabrics which require this property.

✔️ Ease of maintenance and cleaning, which is an added benefit for all applications!

✔️ Added properties can be easily incorporated, including antiviral and antimicrobial protection.

At Polyblend, our aim is to form a partnership early in the process so that we work closely with you to produce a plastisol coating suited specifically to the end user. With that in mind, I thought that I would provide a more in-depth Product Insight and Information series beginning with Plastisol.

What is Plastisol?

A Plastisol is a solution of suspended PVC or Acrylic polymer particles which have been dispersed with plasticisers and modified with other materials and additives to achieve a liquid polymer solution that produces a tough, versatile, and highly stable product that can be formulated to support a wide variety of applications.

How Do You Design Plastisol? 

We have a passion for polymers….Our broad combination of experience in polymer technology, materials science, manufacturing, and innovation capability helps us to achieve class-leading solutions for your product design and specifications. Our approach utilises your design brief, which forms the technical requirements for the design of the formulation to meet the end product’s needs. A design project is started to ensure the product development is consistent with our ISO 9001 design process.

What Attributes and Markets does Plastisol cover?

PolyBlend formulates a broad range of PVC and Acrylic Plastisol’s that produce a flexible, tough, versatile, and highly stable product that can be formulated to provide a wide variety of physical properties and attributes to cover a range of markets:


🔘   Coil Coating                                         🔘   Caps & Closures

🔘   Fabric Coating / Scrim Coating      🔘   Glove & Sock Dotting

🔘   Dip Moulding                                        🔘   Wallcoverings

🔘   Rotational Moulding                           🔘   Geotextiles

🔘   Flooring                                                 🔘 Coated fabric

Plastisol is considered a thermoplastic liquid polymer. When it is heated to the correct temperature in an oven or through an oven bank, the components of plastisol fuse together to form a flexible, PVC solid plastic that is tough as well as durable. Used in a wide array of settings, from hospitals to automotive plants, plastisol can be formulated to have many different useful properties.

What Properties can be formulated into plastisol?

Polyblend formulates PVC plastisol’s with specific physical and chemical properties for a range of specialist markets and applications. Our range of flexible PVC or Acrylic products are designed to meet and comply with both the end user’s environment and requirements. Further additional properties can be formulated to suit an individual customer needs, these include:

🔘   Phthalate-free

🔘   Fire retardant

🔘   Antimicrobial

🔘   Antiviral

🔘   Non-slip

🔘   Medical

From conception to the finished product, we have the solution for you.

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