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There’s no denying that plastic pollution is a problem in our modern-day society. But the material itself isn’t the problem – it’s the way we use and dispose of it. At Polyblend, we understand the importance of minimising our impact on the environment. That’s why we adopt a life cycle thinking approach across all of our operations, ensuring that our processes are as responsible and sustainable as they can be.

You may not realise it, but incorporating antiviral and antimicrobial additives into our plastics products could have a hugely positive impact on our environment. Here’s why.

🌍 Antiviral plastics require less cleaning which is both an energy intensive process and one which is damaging to the environment through the use of toxic cleaning chemicals such as bleach.

🌍 Antiviral products are designed for high touch, surface and hygiene protection. With maintaining cleaning regimes, the products will require to be replaced less often.

🌍 Despite it’s extended life cycle, antiviral plastisol is recyclable so no additional plastics will need to go ever go to landfill sites.

🌍 Antiviral products offer increased reusability because they are far more durable and can be reused over and over. This means less consumption, less waste, and less transportation!

As a provider of global polymer solutions, our compliance with ISO14001 alongside our strong commitment to sustainable practices enables us to provide the highest level of environmental standards to our customers. For further information on the benefits and uses of antiviral products, find out how using antiviral products can help your business grow”  and how your products can be made antiviral.



  • Can antiviral products be used in face masks/coverings?Β 
    Yes,Β Biomaster can be added to just about any product to provide antimicrobial protection where keeping a high level of hygiene is critical.

  • How wear resistant are antiviral coatings?
    As wear resistant as specified standard PVC or Acrylic coatings but with the added aspect of being more durable.

  • Can antiviral coatings be used in hospitals?
    Yes, As Biomaster is so versatile you can find it protecting a huge amount of medical equipment used in hospitals to stop antibiotic resistant bacteria growing

  • Can antiviral products be 3D printed?Β 
    Not currently our market but yes, antiviral products can be 3D printed if the polymer used incorporates Biomaster and is certified effective.

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