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Colour inspires creativity and ensures consistency and accuracy in branding, fashion, and product design. Product designers encounter specific challenges when creating and communicating colour into their various product categories and ranges.


🌈 How do you specify your colour requirements?

Pantone’s Color Institute named their main colour of the year for 2022 as Veri Peri. It is the first time Pantone created an absolutely new shade for its ‘colour of the year’, instead of choosing from its pre-existing library of colours. It truly reflects the transformative times we are currently living in. The colour meaning is all about innovation, global transformation, and an original approach to everything. In design, a Very Peri colour scheme evokes the creative spirit and intrigues viewers.

Or take NFL star Tom Brady, his new clothing line is on the way with its very own signature colour. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback just unveiled his new partnership with the Pantone Color Institute to create a new colour, Brady Blue, for his clothing line.

Brady Blue is “bold, exuding strength and confidence, imbued with an inner intensity, emblematic of his self-determination and commitment to precision,” according to Pantone.

Tom Brady’s signature apparel colour Brady Blue which is “bold, exuding strength and confidence, emblematic of his self-determination and commitment to precision.

🌈 How do you colour match to my requirements?

At Polyblend our colour matches are designed by our expert colourists. We can match your specified colour supplied as either a product, swatch, or shade standards (Pantone, Ral etc).

🌈 How do we bring your colour design idea’s to life?

By using our smart match applications, we can optimise the specific colour coordinates of your colour requirement to generate a formulation. We streamline your colour process with one complete solution.

💜 Make the world fall in love with your brand………..

We have the expertise to provide a colour match plaque within 48hrs to you. Ideal for designers to present and communicate colour with clients and suppliers, and to meet your challenges and help you to express the best colour story!

If you’re interested in learning more about how Polyblend can support your product, design or colour matching requirements, please contact me direct at


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