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When it comes to creating your concept and design ideas is one thing but knowing what you want your end product to look and feel like, product design specifications are key.


Because, a common occurrence with contributors when not experienced with design is a knowledge gap between technical specifics and end outcomes, which is where Polyblend’s laboratory and technical department come in.

The Solution….

Polyblend’s highly experienced and skilled technical team pride themselves on their above and beyond attitude, analysing product specifics and criteria to design a formulation which meets our customers requirements.

Not only do we work in collaboration to understand in depth what our customers want, but we work within a partnership to work through the process with compliance to the market in which they serve.

PolyBlend offers its customers end-to-end solutions for defining and managing activities across the entire innovation and new product development process. Not only do we work in collaboration to understand what our customers need, but we work to build a partnership to support our customers. We can provide our expertise, materials knowledge, and trained personnel to support your project, whether it be on your product development, testing criteria, specifications or optimising your product process and operational efficiency.

The Process…..

Taking a systems approach, we fully integrate our customer’s product design or development brief, and that data is then translated to form an innovation pipeline that contains two major types of projects—new product development and materials development, which can be critical to providing the decision-support and visibility needed to effectively support your business in these challenging times.

Not only that, Polyblend will often provide a sample of the desired product to use for validation purposes to ensure the best possible outcomes are made to convert from concept to full production.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Polyblend can support your product design needs, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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