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I hear the term the ‘war-on-plastics’ far too often regarding plastic waste!

Whilst there’s no denying the issue of plastics pollution, eliminating this brilliant material from our society is simply not possible.


It is a critical and key product in our modern life! I must also point out that there are a great deal of other wastes with far greater volumes and damaging effects that roll under the environmental radar without consequence. But it is always plastics that are portrayed as the problem product causing many of the environments issues. But has the world, its nations and society really maximised in its sustainability efforts? I don’t think so either.

So, what more can be done to help us win the ‘war’ on plastic pollution?

At Polyblend, sustainability starts with me!

It is my initiative and responsibility to promote learning, experimenting, exploring, committing to further increasing sustainable practices, processes, products and services at Polyblend UK Ltd.

One sustainable step we recommend is introducing antimicrobial technology into a greater range of plastic products.


And here’s why:

1. Antimicrobial products last longer. Antimicrobial additives are proven to increase the functional lifetime of a plastic. This increases the reusability of any product incorporating this technology, helping to minimise ‘throwaway’ culture.

2. Once manufactured into the material, antimicrobial additives will work to minimise the presence of bacteria that can cause the plastic to degrade quicker.

This means that a product made from antimicrobial plastic is more durable, making it easier to harvest if disposed of irresponsibly.

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