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PolyBlend UK Ltd. is the latest company to successfully test a Biomaster protected product for efficacy against SARS-COV-2.

PB-Protect Plastisol, an antimicrobial PVC or Acrylic coating which offers an innovative solution to make surfaces more hygienic through antimicrobial protection, is proven effective at reducing the presence of SARS-CoV-2 on the surface of PVC and Acrylic articles.

PolyBlend’s PB-Protect with Biomaster technology was previously proven to provide lasting and effective product protection against harmful bacteria, mould and fungi.

Plastisols are used widely in plastic coatings, mouldings and casings. Most commonly they are found in handle grips for tools, wall and floor coverings, automotive filters, plumbing and electrical parts.

Antimicrobial PVC coatings are an effective way of keeping high touch points more hygienic in a time of heightened awareness of the dangers of cross-contamination from harmful microbes in many different areas and applications.

Biomaster antimicrobial technology is incorporated into the PVC plastisol at the time of manufacture. The locked-in protection ensures that the PVC coating is effective for the intended lifetime of the end-product.

Neil Platt, Quality Assurance & Systems Manager for PolyBlend UK Ltd. says:  “After a lot of hard work, which included vigorous testing and development programmes, we are delighted for the PB-Protect antiviral plastisol range to gain full compliance certification. This will assure that our customers have the full suite of products available to support their markets and applications  with touch point and surface contact articles.’’

If you are interested in our PB Protect Antiviral or Antimicrobial ranges of plastisol’s for your coatings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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