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Did you know that when the company first started in the 1980’s, compliance and regulations were at a completely different level than the operating and product to market requirements of today. However now, both Polyblend and other companies within the plastics industry, has to comply with over 400 pieces of Health, Safety & Environmental Legislation?

This is to ensure that our facilities and the people within the company are operating within the law, whilst also ensuring that our products are produced and supplied to the market in compliance with those laws and regulations. Now, those within the plastics industry would (I hope) know this, however, we can often get quite the bad rep that we aren’t being compliant when in actual fact, we are.

Also, there are many product compliance requirements that we have to comply with to ensure we are supplying products that are meeting both technical and regulatory requirements, which can also change per country – *see graphic below.

It is staggering when laid out. Over 400 pieces of EH&S legislation Multiplied by the above = A very regulated & safe and sustainable product and industry. The use and advantages of plastics need to be brought to light to show just how beneficial plastics are for: performance, weight savings, ergonomics, recyclability, consumer savings, fuel savings in automotive, consumer electronics lifecycle flexibility, & packaging to name a few.

The problems the world is faced with is “plastic waste” which centers around: legislation to promote / require recycling globally, littering by consumers, & a disregard / uneducated consumer that is responsible for not disposing of the packaging responsibly!

So, as a business and an industry, we need to continue to educate the public to highlight the great work by so many companies & individuals, that make the products we use and need: better, more eco friendly, lighter, stronger, less energy intensive to produce, etc.

How does this statistic make you feel?

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