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Plastisol’s Market size is forecast to reach around $25 billion by 2025, after growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6% during 2020-2025.

This is largely due to a rising demand from automotive, textile, and construction industries. These end-industries have a wide range of applications where plastisol’s can be used for the manufacture of automotive components, hand gear grips, cable shrouds, gear levers, bellows and gaiters.

An important process for manufacturing these types of products is dip moulding. Similar to the process of candle making, dip moulding is used for manufacturing hollow plastisol products and plastisol coatings for metal parts.

This process plays a huge role in manufacturing the products which are driving the growth of the plastisol market, which means dip moulding is also growing in popularity.

Why the demand?

It’s more cost effective than other processes – Dip moulding is simple and inexpensive. It has low tooling costs, a fraction of injection moulding, and competitive production costs. That’s because the moulds are single-sided and geometrically less complex than say, moulds made for injection moulding, so they’re faster to make.

At PolyBlend, we manufacture a range of plastisol’s for the dip moulding products market. Dip moulding is an extremely flexible process and can be used with a wide variety of materials which produce anything from endcaps to tool handles, automotive bellows to custom surgical, medical parts and components for hospital use can be created using dip moulding products.

This is both cost effective and time efficient in comparison to many other processes, such as injection moulding.

We also have the capability to add further speciality to dip moulded products through incorporating antimicrobial and antiviral protection with our new PB-Protect range.

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