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Product Spotlight – Roto moulding.

🔹 Rotational Moulding, or roto moulding as it is commonly known is an extremely versatile, relatively cost-effective method of producing hollow plastic components.

The process is ideal for the manufacture of simple or complex shapes and because wall thicknesses can be accurately controlled the process lends itself very well to a wide variety of applications

🔸 Rotational moulding, as the name suggests, involves a tool being rotated in an oven whilst being heated and then cooled over a specified cycle time.

Why choose roto-moulding?

🔸 Rotational moulding is an ideal process for creating products relatively quickly and cost effectively. Over the years roto moulding has risen in prominence and become far more widespread thanks to an increased awareness of its versatility and the fantastic level of quality that is achievable.
This has led to product designers recommending and choosing the process for all manner of products from the very simple to the very complex.


What are the advantages of roto-moulding over other processing techniques?

🔹 Roto moulding has distinct advantages over injection and blow moulding. In relation to injection moulding, roto tools are considerably cheaper, and products are can generally be far more durable.

🔸 Regarding to blow moulding, rotational moulding permits much more complex, asymmetrical shapes. Wall thickness distribution is more uniform with roto moulding and part size can go well beyond anything which is possible with blow moulding.

Tooling costs are relatively low when compared to injection and blow moulding. Injection moulding tools can cost up to 5x that of a roto tool.
The ability to run multiple tools on each side of a machine arm meaning that the cycle time per product is reduced and therefore the cost per product reduces.

🔹 The process is extremely versatile. Parts can be manufactured with moulded-in parts and a variety of different surface finishes and textures which can be incorporated into the tool and product whether it be logo graphics or embossed contact details for example.

Please do reach out if you would like to discuss making your roto moulded products with our specialty range of PVC plastisol’s. Alternatively, you can request a brochure to find out more information!

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