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Plastisols are very versatile, offering a multitude of application and processing possibilities. You’d be surprised at just how many coatings applications use plastisol… From the sticky grips on the underside of socks, to the faux leather seat covers found in your car, PVC coatings play an important role in the modern world.

Why are PVC coatings so widely used?

Despite PVC being a relatively inexpensive material to use for coatings, it also offers a variety of functional benefits, such as:

✔️ Non slip qualities, making it an ideal material for glove and sock grips, as well as handle grips for tools.

✔️ High durability, which means it’s ideal for applications such as flooring and automotive interior trim.

✔️ Water resistance, this makes it an ideal material to coat certain fabrics which require this property.

✔️ Ease of maintenance and cleaning, which is an added benefit for all applications!

✔️ Added properties can be easily incorporated, including antiviral, antimicrobial and UV protection.

At Polyblend, our aim is so find the right polymer solution for you. That’s why we work closely with you to produce a plastisol coating suited specifically to the end user.

Please do reach out if you would like to find out more!


What is non-slip plastic?

Non-slip plastic has been developed to produce the most effective non-slip material available. The non-slip material is not sticky, but it grips in dry and slippery surfaces.

Products that can be made non-slip include: contamination control mats and flooring, non slip mats (for the elderly/disabled), non slip socks, stockings (hospitals) & child wear.

Can PVC coating make decking non-slip?

Yes. The addition of PVC coatings is a great way to increase the safety, lifecycle  and appearance of your decking.

Is PVC decking non-slip?

PVC decking is generally slip resistant due to one of the main unique selling points of PVC decking being durability.

Can you paint PVC?

While PVC can be painted with paints formulated for PVC, for a high quality finish this is not something we would advise. We would advise colour matching PVC to your specific requirements.

Is PVC recyclable?

Very much so. It is a commodity.

Is TPE better than PVC?

Both TPE and PVC have advantages and disadvantages but will be correctly specified to the specified requirements, environments and uses. We take a systems approach to designing and developing new PVC formulations. Our approach utilises your design brief, and that data is then translated to form the technical requirements of the design of the formulation to meet the end product’s needs.

Can you pour boiling water down pvc pipes?

PVC with additional heat resistant properties would be extruded PVC. But yes you can however you need to specify correct piping to meet those conditions and environments.

Report Published by Mark Stewart

Supporting plastic manufacturers with bespoke polymer and colour solutions | Managing Director | Polyblend UK LTD

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