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The pandemic is not going away anytime soon, fact!

Covid-19 is a disease that we need to live with and be protected against by various means including, vaccines, hygiene, protected environments, and products. As a global society, we are aware at how the Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the world as we know it, and hygiene is at the forefront of our minds now more than ever before. With health-conscious consumerism on the rise, it plays a large importance on maintaining positive hygiene in all areas of life, including the products in which they buy.

✨ But why not just use cleaning products?

Did you know that regular cleaning products such as bleach and disinfectant sprays only remain effective for up to one hour? As you may have noticed, that’s something they fail to mention in their adverts. This means that, unless rigorous cleaning procedures are implemented every hour, the surface is likely to become re-infected soon after cleaning.

✨ That’s where antivirals come in.

A surface protected with antiviral and antimicrobial additives reduces the presence of these germs by 99% through breaking down the DNA structure. This means that the surfaces are protected between cleans and the risk of coming into contact with the surface is significantly reduced.

Check out the video below to see a direct comparison between cleaning products and antiviral additives!

Antimicrobial PVC coatings are an effective way of keeping high touch points more hygienic in a time of heightened awareness of the dangers of cross-contamination from harmful microbes in many different areas and applications. Given these benefits, Plastisol is the ideal material to help meet this surge in consumer demand.

✨ Why?

Being such a versatile material, plastisol can be formulated with antiviral additives. This means nearly any plastisol product can be produced with added protection for the end user.

✨ So, what’s the USP that this range offers?

Here at  we developed a novel mixing method that incorporates the Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology into the PVC plastisol at a very specific stage of the manufacture. This assures that the additive is locked-in to the polymer matrix. Our range of antiviral plastisol’s offers a competitive advantage over normal cleaning products in that the protection is locked-in to the polymer which ensures that the PVC coating is effective for the intended lifetime of the end-product.

✨ So, Could Investing in Antiviral Plastisol Help to Grow Your Business?

I wrote an article mid part of last year highlighting the very issues we face once again and the benefits Antimicrobial and Antiviral products can make to your business and the markets you serve. Please take a read 👉

In summary,

Covid-19 has influenced consumer behaviour more than most realise – it’s made us think twice about the products we buy and it’s created a significant increase in demand for hygienically protected products. Converting your PVC coated products to antiviral protected products adds real value to meet that consumer demand.

If incorporating this technology into your plastic products is something is of interest to you, then please reach out to me for more information by email

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