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For those unfamiliar with the name Plastisol, the chances are you’ve used it – or at least a product that is made from it. From textiles printing to flooring to plumbing and electrical fittings, there’s not much we don’t rely on Plastisol for anymore. 

In recent years, there’s been a huge surge in the market for Plastisol, as it combines two of the most popular chemicals for manufacturing plastic: PVC and plasticizers. 

Polyvinyl Chloride (otherwise known as PVC) is a synthetic plastic polymer, derived from salt and ethylene. It’s production is more environmentally friendly than other plastic manufacturing, as it consumes less energy and releases fewer emissions 

Plasticizers create the variant in materials, allowing them to change in thickness and creating a more flexible substance. The versatility of PVC alongside the modification properties of plasticizers, allows the resulting material to be optimised for products and industries. 

This material is Plastisol – it is the result of combining plasticizers to PVC for the purpose of thinning out the materials and making them liquified, to allow molding, heat-transfers or dip-coating. 

Once you know what Plastisol is, it’s almost impossible to notice it in the products you use. But what makes it different to other forms of plastic? Why is it so popular? 

  1. ColourNot only can can you customise Plastisol to be any colour, but that colour will always be vibrant and with Polyblend’s colour dispersion technology, you can guarantee a reliable, bold colour throughout. 
  2. ResistancePlastisol doesn’t conduct heat or electricity, which makes it an ideal coating for tools and wires. As if this isn’t enough, it is also corrosion and wear-resistant, it’s a tough material and impact or consistent interference will cause minimal damage. This is one of the reasons you’re likely to find plastisol coatings on frequently touched products such as handles and playground equipment. 
  3. TouchPlastisol isn’t a cold surface. It’s warm and comfortable, making it hugely popular with grips – especially when combined with its wear-resistant property too. 

Are you looking for a reliable Plastisol manufacturer for your product? Are you looking for a manufacturer with experience, expertise and a customer-centric approach?Get in touch with us at Polyblendto find out more about our custom-formulated Plastisols. 

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