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The word ‘antiviral’ is certainly one which is thrown around a lot these days…but why make your products antiviral?

Most importantly, antiviral products offer a wealth of health benefits, including helping us to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and ultimately keeping everyone safe.

But not only that, they also enable businesses to innovate their products which is a great way to increase their profitability and market share.

Why you should make your products antiviral

☑️ To respond to changes in consumer demand – 96% of people saying they’d pay more for a product with antiviral and antimicrobial protection.

☑️ To gain a competitive advantage – Adding antiviral protection enables you to offer something different to your competitors.

☑️ To add value to your products – Increase your profits through an added-value strategy.

☑️ To extend your product offering – Increase the variety of products you offer to target a larger demographic.

☑️ To increase brand loyalty – Adding protection to your products shows a high level of customer care which encourages repeat business.

Polymer Solutions that prioritise innovation today for product protection to our customers and their end-user or consumers for the future.

What products can be made from PB-Protect range?

To date, PolyBlend has positioned PB-Protect® to reduce envelope-type virus (i.e. Corona virus). In view of achieving high efficacy levels, the company will market PB-Protect PVC or Acrylic Plastisol range across our existing formulations to add value and a competitive edge to customer’s current products.

We envisage expanding the range further for specialist applications with the knowledge gained from the processing technology amassed in developing the materials.
Example of Products include:

  • Medical applications
  • Tool Handle & Grips
  • Non-slip socks garments
  • Sports Equipment
  • Fabric Coating / Scrim Coating / Industrial Belting / Artificial Leather
  • Electrical components
  • Tarpaulins / Tents
  • Wall Coverings

for further information about antiviral plastics, find out how you can protect your products from Coronavirus and the sustainability characteristics of antiviral plastic.


What is PB-Protect Plastisol?
Plastisol is described as, “a suspension of PVC or other polymer particles in a liquid plasticiser.” This equates to standard PVC or Acrylic Plastisol. However, PolyBlend have developed a certified protected surface technology that can convert the standard range or any new formula in Antiviral (Covid-19) or Antimicrobial product.

Can you make my current plastisol Antiviral?
PB-protect Plastisol range technology can be used to convert our standard PVC or Acrylic formula’s to protected products.

By adding very specific levels of additives, we can readily achieve the plastisol which will produce either an antimicrobial or antiviral end product.

Is PB-Protect safer than Standard plastisol?
What this product range offers is protection of products with high-touch point used in high traffic or clean environments. It also makes the product more sustainable and offers durable protection throughout its product lifecycle.

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