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After winning the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Doha, Qatar, is undergoing a massive redevelopment to establish itself as a must-visit tourist destination of the future. One thing for sure, its going to be hot and sunny!

One material you will see a lot of will be PVC coated polyester fabric. The polyester fabric is coated with PVC plastisol, which is one of the most commonly used materials to coat the fabric. The PVC coating enables the finished product to withstand a high level of resistance, but also adds significant durability to the material.

Not only does PVC plastisol strengthen the polyester fabric, it can also be formulated with specific properties to alter the product finish to meet the requirements for the environments it is to be used.

We all know how damaging the UV-rays, right?

It will be used in stadiums in Doha for shade protection, sun sails for hospitality area’s and shade ports for car park areas. The sun shade sails are in huge demand globally as sun sails provide shade when the sun is strong and shining.

But what properties can be formulated into a plastisol-based polyester fabric product?

Working with Polyblend, your formulation requirements can include;

•  Surface finish & colour
•  Improved Weathering
•  UV resistance
•  Increased/decreased tensile strength
•  Anti-static

Polyblend can also make the material protected –

•  Antimicrobial
•  Antiviral

Any of our PVC coated fabrics plastisol can be formulated with antimicrobial additives, making the surface resistant to the growth of harmful bacteria and the covid-19 virus.

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