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Why choose plastic for your packaging needs?

Plastics are lightweight, resource efficient and offer excellent barrier properties. Due to these properties packaging items in plastics significantly reduce waste and saves energy.

1. Plastics packaging reduces waste

– On average, ten times more energy goes into the production of the food or goods packaging contains than the packaging itself.

– Food waste in UK is 2% compared to between 40 and 50% in developing world. This is due, in no small part, to plastics packaging systems.

2. Plastics packaging is lightweight and resource efficient.

– If plastics were not used in packaging and other materials were used instead, then waste and energy consumption would double, and weight and costs would quadruple.

3. Plastics packaging is recyclable.

– 21.8% of plastics packaging placed on the market in 2005 was recycled.

– In 2006, 6499 tonnes of EPS packaging was recycled in the UK. This represents 42% of EPS packaging manufactured in the UK.


Plastic Packaging FAQ’s

  • How much plastic packaging is recycled?

The UK in 2020 estimated a plastics packaging obligation of 1.17m Tons. Compare that to say Glass industry and that figure increase significantly to 1.7m Tons.


  • What can be used instead of plastic packaging?

Good question. The varied food supply chain we are accustomed with today from products sourced globally just would not exist with plastic packaging. The product protection, perishable resistance and bacteria barriers help provide foods we have today and prevent food waste.


  • Can you recycle plastic packaging?

Yes, very much so. There is a commodity market which serves this well


  • Does plastic packaging impact the food they wrap?

No, The products that are used are food safe and need to be compliant which follow some of the most strict regulatory disciplines in manufacturing.

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