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A question worth asking is why we are so worried about plastics?

It is down to the plastics paradox!

Is it because the perception is that we are swamped in plastics and that we must do something yesterday to sort it out. However, this narrative is quite misleading. Plastics consist of and equate to a small percentage of overall waste. Other materials like Food, paper, cardboard, glass, mineral tailings generate far more waste than plastics.

Plastics are essential to everyday life but the way we use them is unsustainable. Paradoxically, one of plastic’s most attractive features, its durability, is now seen as its greatest threat to the environment – particularly from single-use plastic products such as food packaging.

It is worth remembering that although all materials need energy for their manufacture, plastics require far less than other materials like metals, glass or even cotton. While recycling plastic is green, replacing it usually does more harm.

So, much greater focus is needed inventing sustainable alternatives and developing recycling technologies and solutions in collaboration for sustainable use and development of products.

If we really want to make an impact, we cant keep obsessing about plastics and ignoring other 99% of wastes affecting the environment. We need to educate, challenge culture, change behaviour and work globally in unison to agreed compliance & legislation.

Recycling plastics is good for the environment.


Neil Platt

Published by
Quality & Systems Manager

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