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Because one plastisol doesn’t fit every requirement…

Polyblend is a solutions-driven company specialising in producing a bespoke plastisol product which delivers your exact requirements perfectly. Our specific solutions work whether you manufacture in-house or buy-in your plastisol.  Providing fully serviced plastisol manufacturing to mid-tier companies through to dispersions and toll manufacturing to increase capacity for larger organisations; Polyblend’s solutions are tailormade to your requirements.

We think it’s good to talk.

By building a close working relationship with clients, to ensure their needs are fully understood, we are able to deliver a holistic approach to any given requirement.

For over 35 years, we have been innovative experts in PVC plastisols; dispersion systems; additives and toll manufacturing. Our expertise enhances end-product properties and performance across a range of uses from flooring and wallcoverings to textiles and mouldings.

Better solutions provide better efficiency and partnerships provide better working results. Together we can make things happen, so, let’s talk…

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Having worked with Polyblend for over a decade, we are still as impressed with the quality of the product and authentic service the company provides, as we were on day one.


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