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As businesses seek ways to be more cost-efficient and streamline operational overheads, an aspect which can have a material impact on the health of a business is how commercial waste is managed across sites. There are financial, economic and environmental benefits as to why you should consolidate and centralise commercial waste in your network.

Streamline Your Processchemical lab

Cost-Effective High waste churn managed on a site level increases the overall cost of waste removal. Centralising an agreement for waste removal across all business waste streams and sites helps to collectively drive costs down. Manage and minimise waste streams by employing the waste hierarchy and working closely with your centralised provider.

Sustainable Solutions Businesses are looking at how to operate with sustainable practices: understanding the way waste is handled, implementing wider recycling efforts and waste reduction initiatives. By consolidating waste logistics, it streamlines the complexity of waste management with better data transparency to inform sustainability progress and optimise site waste removal schedules with an agile approach.

Remove Complexity  The waste removal sector is fractious and ever-changing, punctuated with merger and acquisition activity which can increase cost rates and inflate business operational costs. Navigating this landscape to avoid disrupting day-to-day business eliminates uncertainty, now and for the future.

So, how can plastics become more sustainable?

♻ One path that is being pursued ever more intensively is that of recycling. By recycling resources, we contribute to the cycle of renewing plastic while maintaining biocapacity and reducing pollution and waste. Waste recycling on a larger-scale aids in preventing the depletion of natural resources.

♻ As consumers, we have a responsibility to effectively recycle the plastic waste we produce so that plastic can be returned to the industrial and economic cycle. The state of recycling today is dependent on infrastructure – and the payoff of recycling is going to give long-term benefits to the economy and environment as well as dictate the future sustainability of plastics.

♻ Being aligned with the right waste provider is also a key ingredient in the relationship. Our main waste provider GPT Waste Management, one of the largest independent waste management firms in the UK. We work in close partnership with, as they are at the coalface of the ever changing industry.

♻ Sustainability in plastics can be therefore promoted at the beginning of life, through feedstock choice and at the end of life, by choosing options that promote circularity while preventing the depletion of non-renewable petroleum resources.

♻ Current end of life options are: recycling, biodegradation, landfilling, and incineration. And the current the reality is that most of our waste directly goes to landfills which are limited in space and contribute to long-term pollution.

Waste Sustainably Managed

Consolidating and centralising your commercial waste improves the operational health of your business. Having a fully managed waste process further enhances your ability to provide robust waste solutions that are first and foremost, economically sound and sustainable.

Join the movement towards a greener, sustainable business.

Although modern technology is still a long way from constituting a comprehensive solution to sustainable plastics and as the industry strives for a greener, more sustainable commercial waste model there are many things that we can do as consumers, are you doing your bit?

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