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Why is high quality colour management important for sustainability? 

Production rejections made in the plastics industry don’t just have economical repercussions, but they have environmental repercussions too.

Each time an item is produced and doesn’t conform to the expected colour standard, then these plastic articles must be either reworked, recycled or disposed of. Therefore, to prevent this unplanned waste occurring, it’s important to produce the right colour each time, first time around.

At POLYBLEND UK LIMITED, our procedures, specialist test equipment by Datacolor and industry expertise in colour management and  colour dispersion mean that colour accuracy and consistency is achieved routinely for all of our custom coloured products all controlled by the below points;.

  • Colour Management
  • Colour control
  • Colour assurance
  • Sustainability

How do these process controls support sustainablity?

Management of the colour through the lifecycle requires streamlined processes, objective colour evaluation tools, and highly trained technicians with the capability and autonomy to get colour right at the most critical stage of production: manufacturing.

We understand the importance of colour management and through working with Polyblend you can achieve colour confidence in your products through our coordinated use of rigorous quality control checks and dedication to get it right first time, every time.

This is how we assure customers that their products will be colour accurate each and every time—without added costs, production delays or wasted resources. f you want to find out more in how to bring your product’s colours to life and add value to your product range, then please contact for more information on how Polyblend may be of help!



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