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Product Spotlight – Roto moulding using plastisol.

Rotational Moulding, or roto moulding as it is commonly known is an extremely versatile, cost-effective method of producing hollow plastic components relatively quickly.

Enabling a faster transition to more sustainable PVC solutions

We believe that PVC is an excellent material, provided that it is made in the right way. It is important that plastics companies do not just talk the green talk but walk the sustainable walk.

Product Design for a Plastics Circular Economy

Faced with changing consumer preferences and increasing calls to better manage global plastic consumption and waste, the entire plastics industry must come together and work to transition new ways of managing and optimising the use of this valuable material.

Product Spotlight – PVC Dip Moulding

Plastic dip moulding is a technique where metal parts are coated with a plastic vinyl material. This material is known as Plastisol and is the most used material for dip moulding because it is easy to use and affordable.

Plastisol – a polymer solution for almost any situation.

The key attribute of Plastisol is the materials flexibility to deliver the appearance and properties required to meet the demands of its environment and end users needs.

What do todays customers want & expect?

Your customers no longer compare you just to your direct competition. You are being compared to the best service they have ever received – from any company or any person.

Are you assured of your products colour match you're receiving?

When a company has trouble meeting its colour tolerance targets, usually there is a bigger issue under the surface.

Managed waste streams for increased sustainability

As businesses seek ways to be more cost-efficient and streamline operational overheads, how can plastics become more sustainable?

Are you selecting the right stabilizers for your PVC polymer solutions?

Stabilisers are added to PVC to allow for its processing and to influence the required physical properties of the PVC end product.

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