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PolyBlend ISO Audit News

POLYBLEND UK LIMITED have successfully achieved an ISO 9001-14001-45001 audit result of no nonconformances.

Matching you to the right colour solution .

Have you tried our colour match service? PolyBlend provides a high-quality and efficient colour matching service to ensure the right match for your sample or your design solution.

Product Spotlight – Roto moulding using plastisol.

Rotational Moulding, or roto moulding as it is commonly known is an extremely versatile, cost-effective method of producing hollow plastic components relatively quickly.

Product Spotlight – PVC Dip Moulding

Plastic dip moulding is a technique where metal parts are coated with a plastic vinyl material. This material is known as Plastisol and is the most used material for dip moulding because it is easy to use and affordable.

Are you assured of your products colour match you're receiving?

When a company has trouble meeting its colour tolerance targets, usually there is a bigger issue under the surface.

Are you selecting the right stabilizers for your PVC polymer solutions?

Stabilisers are added to PVC to allow for its processing and to influence the required physical properties of the PVC end product.

PolyBlend will be attending a series of Trade shows and exhibitions in June 2022

PolyBlend UK Limited will be attending a series of shows and exhibitions in June 2022. These shows will be attended by our Commercial and Technical team.

Appointment of Commercial Manager

PolyBlend would like to announce its newly appointed Commercial Manager to its management team.

How are plastics so versatile?

Because they offer a wide array of benefits and speciality requirements to their specified environment with its end user in mind

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